BESIX Watpac

Case Study: Circular Quay Ferry Terminal Renewal

Our client

BESIX Watpac is a leading Australian multi-disciplinary construction company that specialises in complex construction across all sectors, including infrastructure and marine works.

The requirement

BESIX Watpac required Project and Technical management expertise to assist them with TAO Maritime requirements with the Transport of New South Wales Asset Management Branch (AMB).  Project specific requirements included:

  • Attaining TAO certification prior to project construction
  • Training and skills competency correlation to BESIX Group
  • Interface management of TfNSW, AMB and other external stakeholders
  • Two (2) staged approach to TAO review and endorsement

The challenges

BESIX Watpac required timely attainment of TAO certification whilst maintaining contractual compliance. Specific requirements included:

  • Understanding specific requirements set out by the Asset Management Branch (AMB) for TAO submission in the Maritime Mode
  • Coordination challenges between BESIX Watpac’s and AMB’s team
  • Developing a well-structured submission due to time and technical constraints

Our approach

To meet the Circular Quay Ferry Terminal project challenges, Dreyfus:

  • Adopted a collaboration approach with AMB and BESIX Watpac’s team to understand the requirements.
  • Prepared one discipline with the whole of life-cycle submission to AMB for review to gauge AMB’s review expectations.
  • Accelerate the review of each of the disciplines and life-cycles with in-house technical expertise
  • Provided regular submission progress updates, including technical review advice and high-level evidence review.

The benefits

Benefits to BESIX Watpac included:

  • Real-time communication and collaboration led to enhanced project management.
  • Generated cost savings by optimising resource allocation, resulting in substantial savings on the TAO Maritime application submission.
  • Improved efficiency and streamlined data/ evidence processing and evaluations.

The partnership between BESIX Watpac and Dreyfus on the TAO Maritime Application has tremendously assisted with TAO submission through effective collaboration, shared knowledge on technical expertise, and streamlined project management. BESIX Watpac was able to achieve a thorough and equipped submission with greater cost efficiency and value for money, resulting in a full comprehensive TAO Maritime submission.