Our Company

At Dreyfus Advisory, we believe today’s investment will drive tomorrow’s future.

Since our establishment in 2019, we have built a diverse team of experts ready to provide in-house expertise across organisational growth and strategic services, infrastructure delivery and planning services, environmental and sustainability services standalone, or integrate as part of your team.

Dreyfus is continually expanding its capabilities and abilities to strive for maximum economic contribution for all clients. We also strive for environmentally and ecologically sustainable outcomes that will benefit our clients and communities through our partner-oriented engagement model.

We have a combined 150+ years of partner experience to assist multi-billion-dollar business or infrastructure projects to Small-Medium Enterprises achieving strategic growth. As a boutique operator, Dreyfus Advisory has the breadth to cover all aspects whilst maintaining an approachable and involved engagement from project start through to task completion.

At Dreyfus it’s the people that matter.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide all our clients trusted and quality services in both the public and private sectors, from global businesses to complex infrastructure projects. We develop high performing leaders and teams to deliver outcomes to all our clients and communities.

Our Clients