Dreyfus Advisory has been the preferred partner for clients seeking to reposition their organisation quickly and effectively and adapt to evolving markets and disruptive sectors.

We leverage our 150+ years of industry experience, understanding an organisation’s vision, capabilities and further develop tailored solutions to achieve and exceed our partners objectives.

Our experience across all business and project lifecycles allows our experts to add value during the decision-making process. Strategy and exponential value creation are part of our core values.
Dreyfus works with owners and operators of assets, business and projects that require packaged advisory capabilities, that provide both technical and market advisory services to evaluate and identify risks and opportunities within current and future sectors.

We can cover the entire spectrum of strategic advisory services from strategic planning and roadmaps, feasibility and economic studies, business model and go-to-market strategies, regulatory advisory, program management and governance, system implementation, infrastructure design and construction, and operations.

Delivery Model

Through Dreyfus’s partner orientated delivery model, we achieve outstanding results beyond strategies and instill broader business transformations. Our partner orientated model involves developing

The Organisation’s

Key Business

Focal Areas
of Change

Road map to
Scale & Sustain

Our Services

  • Business planning, strategy and execution
  • Business improvement
  • Corporate governance
  • Feasibility and business analysis
  • Transaction advisory (M&A)
  • Post-merger integration support
  • Due diligence
  • Deal generation
  • Value generation
  • Exit planning

Dreyfus’s Strategic
Planning Process

Business Model

Who are we?
How do we finance it?

Market Awareness

SWOT Analysis

Competitve Advantage

Market disruption

Strategy Screen

Whole of Life Evaluation


Proof of concept

Develop and Test Strategies

Bottom up business plan
Revenue sensitivity

Strategy Execution

Action plan
Ongoing monitoring
Evaulative feedback

Our Clients